(Spring 2015)

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The Art of Hanging On

From the "Letting Go Mixtape" (Fall 2014)


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From the debut LP "Victory Is Music" (Independent 2013) when Sneakout was known as Victory.


West Coast (Lana Del Rey Cover)




From the debut EP "Victory Demonstrations" 


Sneakout - "The Art of Hanging On" (Official Music Video)

Directed by Andrew Hines

Sneakout - "I Thought I Had It All"  (Studio Session)

Skinny dipping in your neighbor’s pool on hot summer nights. House parties while parents are away. Jumping a fence for that once-in-a-lifetime view. When a story starts with, "... this one time, we snuck out...", you know it's going to be a good one. Young and old trouble needs a soundtrack, and Sneakout’s got you covered.

Under his previous moniker Victory, Fleming has enjoyed enviable success as a fully independent artist, having his songs featured in several high-profile ads and television shows. Highlights include a year-long national campaign for Cadillac, an international 2014 Fall Fashion Week campaign for iPhone and Burberry, and a recent episode of the hit HBO series GIRLS. 

Fuzzy, effervescent indie-pop with a mischievous California swagger, Sneakout’s music sits comfortably within a playlist of Divine Fits, Broken Bells, and Talking Heads. Formerly known as Victory, Sneakout is the creative vehicle of one Robert Fleming, who writes, performs, produces, and records each track. With the help of a tight live four-piece band and some notable mixing talents to help round out the sound on the stage and on record, Sneakout is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. 

Sneakout’s new Letting Go mixtape features a combination of brand new songs, remixes, a re-interpretation of the Lana Del Rey hit “West Coast”, and acoustic versions of some of the tracks you might recognize from those prime TV/ad placements.   The first single "The Art of Hanging On" is currently being played on The World Famous KROQ in Los Angeles.

“I want to live vicariously through my music”, says Fleming. “I write songs where I can be anyone I want to be and I can live anyway I want to live. ‘The Art of Hanging On’, featured on the mixtape, is my homage to living in the moment. We shouldn’t stop breaking out of our comfort zones because our hair is turning gray and our backs get sore. I have so much more fun now, and get myself into way more trouble than I ever did. Aging should be our motivation for truly Letting Go.”

In the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you can miss it.” 

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Chinatown Summer Nights

Los Angeles, CA  - June 27, 2015  - FREE // ALL AGES

*Sneakout plays at 6:50pm

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"... an anthem for rebels and rule breakers everywhere." -NYLON MAGAZINE

"Psychedelically embellished, New Wave-inflected electro-rock." - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

"A smart, crisp excursion into mostly guitar rock that will appeal to fans of both Spoon and the Dandy Warhols." -BUZZBANDS.LA

"Sun-bleached rock ‘n’ roll jams with a pop edge" -MAGNET

"Phil Spector on MDMA " -LADYGUNN

"Fleming’s pop vocals are belied with a rocker’s sensibility, which blend to fit the dancey zeitgeist of Gen Now." -VIBE

"Trust us when we say it's good." - NYLON GUYS